Nick Wilkinson

Nick Wilkinson is considered “The Commercial Real Estate Guy” in Lincoln, Nebraska. If you are searching for office space, industrial space, retail space, vacant land, build-to-suite, or multi-family property, Nick Wilkinson is the commercial real estate agent you need. Whether you are looking for commercial real estate to purchase as an investment or looking for commercial real estate to buy/rent as a location to run a successful business, Nick Wilkinson has the tools to help you find the perfect property. Nick has called Lincoln, NE home for many years and has spent this time learning the local market through and through.

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Note From Nick:

I come from a family that has been deeply involved in Commercial Real Estate since settling in North Platte, Nebraska in the 1880s. Throughout it all, I have been watching, patiently waiting for my turn to have a crack at the family business. Finally, that time has come. In May of 2018, I graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Economics. After graduating, I started my own real estate journey and began flipping houses. From here, I realized my true aspirations lie within the commercial real estate industry. I decided to join PRISM Commercial as a Commercial Real Estate Agent. Here I focus on the sale and leasing of commercial real estate. Additionally, I am currently enrolled in a Master’s of Real Estate Development program online at Iowa State University. In conjunction, these two opportunities will pave the way for the long journey ahead.

Todd Lorenz

A licensed commercial real estate broker and civil engineer with over 25 years of land development experience, Todd has assisted property owners by identifying the highest and best use of their property and has also represented buyers to locate and acquire property that is best suited to serve their business needs.

Todd has served a lead role in identifying and investigating strategic properties which have exhibited potential for development and/or redevelopment opportunity.  Todd also has vast experience representing owners, sellers, buyers, and users throughout the real estate development process. This has included work with local municipalities and governing agencies to secure land use entitlements, negotiation of development agreements, identification and negotiation governmental incentives, review and request for waivers to municipal code, review of title, review and negotiation of easement, covenants and restriction documents and other matters that occur throughout the development of property in order to deliver the highest and best use of the property.   Todd has also been involved in the assemblage of investment partnerships to develop properties.

7811 Pioneers Blvd., #200 | Lincoln, NE 68506 | 402-436-4663